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Hackathon 2017

I had a great opportunity to be a part of Sitecore Hackathon 2017 team member. It was my first time in this event and I have to say it were unforgettable 24 hours :)

In our team expect me were: Wojtek Urban and Tomek Juranek. Two awesome guys which with I have pleasure to work with. We called our team "Error 404" and start as a 1 of 3 teams which has been entered into competition.

We've chosen topic with "Habitat Module" according to which we would like build user report module, called "User Report Module" :) The main idea was to create a place in Sitecore where will be available reports from conent work. In that case we had to use xDB part and make it with Speak from UI side. 

I can say, that in my age is not easy to work for 24h :) I had one break to sleep a little bit, but besides that we were working on our application and were still in touch with other hackathon attendees.

At the finish we checked in as only one team from Poland :) We achieve our goal and made every rule, hence results could be send for jury ! :) First time with that success :)

Module in Speak looks like:

If you would like see hackathon results could be find as a video:

It wasn't easy but our achievement has been completed :) We hope it's only first step on our road and we would like to attend in next year as well.
Moreover of course we would like to find time and extend our module to make it as best as we can.

Exactly, satisfied, the best word in that time. Looking forward to meet you on next #SitecoreHackathon !

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