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SUGPL #1 - SXA Speaker feelings

15th of September 2017 we have first meetup of Sitecore User Group Poland (SUGPL). I had a big pleasure to be one of the speakers on this meeting. It was a great feeling to see all this guys from our Polish Sitecore environment.It has begun with a lot of smiles and happy stories which each of us had recently.

With this big positive emotions we started our presentations. I've been as first speaker on the battle front :) My presentation was called:

"Fast & Furioius: SXA in the game"

Because during preparation of the presentation I had a lot of questions like "Cool topic bro, but what SXA is in general?" I thought to make some kind of  SXA kickoff. We have pass through the issues which SXA solves, main features and we understood how the work approach with content has been changed by SXA.

Presentation was divided in two parts, first which has been focused on SXA improvements that are made and overview of particular features in SXA.

Second part was live demo, where I wanted to show how SXA lives, give some tips for the beginners and just let attendees touch SXA in Sitecore :)

After my presentation and short break, we have started with Robert Senktas presentation called: "Sitecore Azure Toolkit in Action". During presentation I've derived a lot of theory and practical knowledge about this toolkit. When Robert is explaining details of connection Sitecore and Azure, everybody see he experience I belive.

Last presentation was performed by Lukasz Skowroński who wanted to show whole community group how to prepare best SPEAK application. As a presenter he has introduced us to SPEAK topic with filling theoretical gaps and after that we moved further with live demo. Together we pass from the scratch to working SPEAK application in Sitecore, what has brought up the topic for all of us.

That was really enjoying evening where all of attendees have fun ! Share knowledge and integrate, the best options in the best company :) !

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