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SUGPL#3 Kraków

Time goes really fast, especially when you are really busy with things that you are interested in. Hence, it came 3rd SUGPL meeting, this time in Krakow.

We started our meeting with presentation our guests from Belarus, Daniil Raschupkin and Alexei Vershalovich from Brimi company. Topic of their presentation was "Sitecore 9 xConnect and Marketing Automation".

I must to notice here, that guys were really well prepared and everyone saw how much effort they spent to make this presentation. If you are reading that guys, good job !

After we have been fed new xconnect features and connecting to it, second presentation made our friend Tomasz Juranek. He has just come back from Las Vegas Sitecore Symposium and share with us news that Sitecore provide since Sitecore 9. Prresentation topic was: "Sitecore 9 – what’s new for Developers, DevOps and Content Authors". What more, he was our livesaver ;)

Third and the last presentation was provided by our guest from Germany - Sebastian Winter with topic "100% Availability – Scale your System landscape and processes waterproof". He was sharing knowledge that gathered during years of work on really big and distracted systems.

When everybody was full of news, we moved to the city center to networking purpose :) Unexpected place of our arrival was... vegan restaurant :) Afterwards I can say it was good place with good food, but of course, without meat :)

Cheers !

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