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SUGPL #6 Białystok - Organizator feelings

Our SUGPL operates very dynamically, hence we had a new meetup! This time, Białystok! For me it was special, because I was generally responsible for organization. It sounds proudly ;)

Organizers feelings, well, you have to do everything and think about everything. It remind my my wedding in some way :) But I like it! Because of that feelings and activities I want to do it!

It also worthy to notice that we had high attendance, but moreover we saw a lot of new faces, what is even better in that. I hope it will start a new journey for some people to became a dynamic part of our Sitecore User Group Poland.

Besides the community, we had 3 great presentations. Two of them was presented by our friends from Belarus - Alexei Vershalovich and Andrei Paliakou. The third one has presented my close friend - Tomasz Juranek.

During first presentation Alexi was describing Marketing Automation in Omni Channel. Great topic that he mentioned during last SUGCON in Berlin. It was an opportunity for other people that join this event to hear a lot of very interesting things, how we connect Sitecore in so many ways.

 Nest speaker was Tomasz Juranek whom presentation topic was "Sitecore Forms and Marketing Automation in practice". Tomasz has shown us haw we can use this two tools and combination of them to achieve our business goals and be better marketing masters :)

At the end presenter was Andrei, Commerce MVP who presented topic "Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 - expectations and reality". He has described how many differences have been made in new xCommerce and how improvement it contains currently. Great to see that !

When we finished all presentations it was time for afterparty! It was good to talk with earlier mentioned new faces 

As picture shows, a lot of smile on the faces so it had to be good time :) I hope we will see all together in next meetups as well! 

Thank you all!

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