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Be a part of #SUGTOUREU ! - SUGPL#7 & SUGCZSK#1

What an unforgettable days we have had recently! I'm still fighting with the flu since that after-parties days.

I had a pleasure to be a part of SUG Tour Europe which did Jason Wilkerson and Akshay Sura. Because of that we have organized SUGPL#7 meetup in Poznań and later with SUGPL delegation went to Czech Prague for 1st SUGCZSK meetup, which was on the road map of SUGTourEU for Akshay and Jason.

From the begining, the first one meetup was in Poland, in Poznań. Recently I have become official co-organizer SUGPL group, hence I went a day before to Poznań, to be sure everything gonna be alright.

Day #1

5h trip to Poznań, even as a driver ;)

Day #2
Just before the meetup I had a big pleasure to pick up Jason Wilkerson from the airport. I've even made an a special card to be sure he will find me ;)

It worked even with benefits like big smile on Jason's face :)

Just after we finally have arrived with Jason to meetup place, because of being organizer I've had an honor to welcome our special guests and of course whole Polish community people, introduce agenda and plan for after party :)

After that we had 3 presentation made by Akshay, Jason and Adam Najmanowicz who has been our 3rd speaker. Right now we can see how strong presenters team we had :)

Akshay presentation title was: „SiteCron”

Secondly Jason presentation: „Driving an immersive customer experience with Sitecore Experience Commerce + IoT”

Third presentation by Adam Najmanowicz: „Beyond the SXA toolbox”

After great presentations, where audience had a lot of questions we moved to the old town in Poznań to rest and make networking ! :)

There was a lot of us ! :)

Day #3

Since early morning full of energy we start our trip from Poznań to Czech Prague on 1st SUGCZSK meetup! Akshay with Jason was took by Marek Musielak to his car and we as a SUGPL delegation went by second car, driven by myself :) Next over 5h trip in last 2 days ;) !

As I wrote, everyone full of energy! Night was too short ;)

After mentioned over 5h drive we achieved Prague !

Later, just had some lunch we came to SUGCZSK meetup location and we had there 6 presentations !

We have started with:

1st: Petr Kocian & Matyas Havel, Topic: Worklfow for shared components

2nd: Una Verhoeven, Topic: Where machine learning meets social #ThinkYouKnowMe

3rd: Peter Procházka, Topic: Sitecore Commerce 9 Update 2 New Features

4th: Jiri Padera & Rene Naplava, Topic: Sitecore 9 Marketing automation pilot - xConnect/DEF implementation

5th: Jason Wilkerson, Topic: Driving an immersive customer experience with Sitecore Experience Commerce + IoT

6th:  Akshay Sura, Topic: SiteCron

We had a lot opportunities to get some news from the guys presentations, but besides that we had opportunity to meet each other in reality! It's so nice to shake a hand with guy who you know from Sitecore Community Slack channel for instance ;)

When we finish presentation time we had an opportunity to integrate and later to go sightseeing at Prague old town :)

Day #4
Next early moring we packed ourselves and start our comeback trip to Białystok in Poland, which took us over 9 hours !

It was a pleasure to be in that places, with that people, thank you everyone for the cooperation and fabulous time spent together, see you soon !

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