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Sitecore XP PaaS Marketplace deployment


I had some issue last time to deploy Sitecore XP (Scaled Production) in Extra Small topology and each time I got an error: 

 "serviceRequestId": null, "statusMessage": "{\"Code\":\"TooManyRequests\",\"Message\":\"Too many requests. Please try again later.\",\"Target\":null,\"Details\":[{\"Message\":\"Too many requests. Please try again later.\"},{\"Code\":\"TooManyRequests\"},{\"ErrorEntity\":{\"Code\":\"TooManyRequests\",\"Message\":\"Too many requests. Please try again later.\"}}],\"Innererror\":null}"


I tried to deploy this architecture thorugh ARM templates. That was good idea, because then in the PS console I saw an error. It said that an issue was the name of newly created resource group in Azure. It pass the Azure validation of the name, but it broke Sitecore scripts. 

The name of RG couldn't consist any big letter, dashes etc. That was the safer approach which solev an issue.



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