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Thursday, March 29, 2018

2:28 PM

SUGPL#4 Warszawa

Step by step and the next step for our 4th SUGPL meetup was Warsaw. We had a good opportunity to meet with guys in capital of Poland. We had big amount of people, some new faces as well, great presentations and after party of course!

We have started with presentation about connecting frontend and backend using NitroNet Sitecore by Dawid Jachowicz. It was good moment for check what new tool we have to make our work more even more friendly than it's currently :) There weren't free seats to see it, so some guys had to keep the windows in place ;)

Second presentation was prepared by Artsem Prashkovich & Ihar Pauliuk who have spoken about Headless CMS. Sitecore JSS getting started, tips and tricks. I have to highlight that guys made a big effort to prepare and say for us so many things. Cheers !

As a 3rd was presenting Szymon Kuźniak. He has topic SXA in real life example. If somebody hadn't try it use, Szymon is a good man to ask about Sitecore Experience Accelerator. 

Afterwards was time for integration! Well known party for each of SUGPL members. But that afterparty was not so usual as other because of so many attendees. We didn't even prepare enough seats. Fortunately bar service took care about each of guests and we could spent really good time and enjoy moment :) 

If you are still wondering is it worthy to attend for next one, do not hesitate, just to it!

Big thanks for all you guys for that day!

Monday, March 12, 2018

10:02 AM

Hackathon 2018

I could be a part this great adventure one more time. With all gathered experience during Sitecore Hackathon 2017 I joined with friends on Sitecore Hackathon 2018. What feelings afterwards? Enjoy, challenge and passion! That was the same power as last year or even better!


Last year I was a part of team called "Error 404". It was an amazing team, so in this year we decided to continue our together work with one exception. We will change our name to "LasVegans". In that way new called team has the same squad as an year ago:


We have chosen "XConnect Module" category. Our idea was to build multi-functional module with external integration which will deliver notifications for end user with the air quality value in their area. We wanted to use xConnect od course, Marketing automations, Geolocation, email sending and whatever can be used there :)


In this year we have taken another approach and we have slept night before much longer to be more rest than a year ago. Fortunately it worked and our crisis came much more later ;) Of course everyone was aware of the sacrifice that he need to make, but enjoy, fun and challenge were bigger then fatigue.


We finished our work 20 minutes before deadline, much progress than few minutes a year ago :) Our AirPolution Smog Fighter has been finished. We hope that it will help people to life more healthy!



So much fun, so exiting time, I've wrote that it were very tough 24 hours, but this feeling after the whole day is priceless! I really enjoy that that second time and of course I'm looking forward to meet each of you in next year on Sitecore Hackathon!

You have to be there !