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SUGCON 2019 - London

This year we had a pleasure to be a part of Sitecore SUGCON 2019 conference in London. It was 3rd time when I was participating in this event which was a big pleasure for me :)


I think it's hard to find more business and representative place than London to organize such a conference. The main event was organized in London City, so there wasn't an issue with transport, etc. Inside SUGCON everything was prepared in a perfect way and there was enough amount of space to feel comfortable for, everyone.


 During the whole SUGCON there were a lot of great presentations. Each of the participants had to choose one from a few which were presenting simultaneously. From my point view I remember very good presentations regarding Publishing Services, Commerce and JSS, JSS and SXA, Azure and SIF. But probably other people had different paths in the agenda so they will have different memories ;)

Besides presentations, it was a brilliant time to meet guys from other countries, with whom we got to know a few years ago. Socializing, networking, discussing, keeping relations, that is a fantastic time.

At the end, we had to make little afterparty with friends, mainly SUGPL guys. In London is plenty of places to spend this time in perfect mood! :)

Thank you guys and see next time! :)

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