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Azure + Solr support & Sitecore 9.0.2

You could have an situation that you would like to deploy ARMs template with Sitecore 9.0.2 + xCommerce on Azure with custom SOLR search engine. Perfect, so do I ! :)

Fortnately Sitecore provides special ARMs template parameter for SOLR to make it happen and simplify our work.

Let's say that you have already run whole proces of ARMs deployment. After successful Sitecore deployment script will go further to xCommerce part where can facing with some weird SOLR search service Azure message during deployment:

It means that xCommerce doesn't understand this attribute with solr connection string and can't process it. To solve it you have several ways:
  • manually change commerce engine policies and other settings after cloud deployment
  • upgrade only xCommerce part to 9.0.3 version which already work perfect with this parameter as well. 
Please remember that Sitecore stays at version 9.0.2 and doesn't have to be upgraded in any way.

Hope I helped,

Cheers !

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