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SUGPL#8 - xCommerce Speaker and organizator

It was time to start the new year with our Sitecore community! To do that we have organized new SUGPL meetup in Białystok.
Moreover, I was one of the speakers on this event, where I have presented xCommerce architecture which can be modified during customizations.

As we can see above I was the first presenter of this meetup. My main goal of the presentation was to let people know how xCommerce is built and where they can put own code to make it custom. What is the flow of xCommerce and how they can change it.

The second presentation was made by Artsem Prashkovich who described Sitecore Service Bus.

The third presentation prepared Jakub Koba who talked about Machine Learning in Sitecore

After charging of new knowledge as usual we have started SUGPL after party, where our guests from Belarus SUG join as well. Good time with excellent people, it's worth to repeat as many times as it can be!


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